Advantages of using Vue, Node, Angular, React

  • Vue

    Vue is the leading JS framework that builds the user interface and single-page application that requires no unwanted loading for the successive pages. Vue.js approaches declarative rendering and component composition in a very easy and simple way. Web Application Development such as routing, state management, and build tooling become less difficult to be made with the help of supporting library available here. Its simple integration and two-way binding systems make it popular to the developers. It is a lightweight JS framework that takes the minimum time with the utmost flexibility in work.

  • Node

    Node JS an open-source which works on the V8 JavaScript runtime engine. It removes the complexity of coding and helps the applications to run faster. Node JS is able to synchronise data between the client and the server automatically. Node JS, mostly popular for multi-user applications provides the facility of caching single modules so that developers do not have to re-execute the codes. Node JS also has customizable features that developers can work with the customer requirements easily.

  • Angular

    Developers prefer Angular JS to build SEO high-quality websites and applications. Angular JS is an open-source MVC JavaScript framework directly supervised by Google itself. Angular JS is mostly popular for developing single-page applications, cross platforms and front end application services. It has a feature of addressing big business requirements by simplifying the complex process. No external plugins or framework is needed to work with Angular JS makes it popular among developers.

  • React

    Companies that want high-end applications such as payment gateway systems and real-time data exchanges opt for React JS framework. It is used to build mobile apps functioning heavily. This SEO friendly framework has the advantage of code reusability that makes it popular compared to others. React is a combination of JavaScript HTML code having one-way data binding features helps the developers to work at ease.

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